Bankers, Markets and Investors
Bankers, Markets and Investors
Bankers, Markets & Investors, 141, March-April 2016

  • Changing Dynamic Relationships between Stock and Bond Markets
    in Crises: Evidence of a Flight to Quality

    Bankers, Markets & Investors, 141, March-April 2016, p. 36-56

  • Do Regulatory and Supervisory Reforms Affect European Bank Stability:
    Further Evidence from Panel Data

    Hachmi BEN AMEUR, Faten BEN BOUHENI, Abdoulkarim IDI CHEFFOU,
    Fredj JAWADI

    Bankers, Markets & Investors, 141, March-April 2016, p. 58-70

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    of BMI : Marie Brière

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    • Purchasing an Annuity: Now or Later? The Role of Interest Rates
      Thijs Markwat, Roderick Molenaar & Juan Carlos Rodriguez

    • Does Corporate Social Performance Really Improve Corporate Financial Performance?
      Olivier Meier, Jean-Yves Saulquin, Guillaume Schier & Richard Soparnot

    • Does the Market Value the Social Dimension? International Evidence
      Sylvain Marsat & Benjamin Williams

    • When Financial Derivatives can be Applied to the Real Economy
      Jian Wu